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Security Audits and Surveys

A. Dale Wunderlich & Associates, Inc. has conducted security audits and surveys at more than 500 mining operations worldwide. We have also designed or evaluated a similar number of security systems. Subjects covered in our security audits/surveys include, but are not limited to: General Security, Process Plant Security, Milling Operations, Gravity Recovery, Flotation Recovery Security, Mine Security, Alarm System Design, Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) Design, Access Control Design, Physical Accountability of Product, Shipment of Product, Storage of Product, Security Department, Key Control, Perimeter Security, Security Lighting, Warehouse Security, Employee Screening and Violence in the Workplace.

Security System Design

Mining sites are one of the most hostile environments in which security hardware can be installed. If the proper equipment is not specified for an installation or the system is not properly designed, there is a good chance that the system may malfunction, or not operate as it should. It is very important that your security system be properly designed and that the highest quality equipment be utilized. If appropriate protection is not provided for your vault, refinery/gold room and other high risk areas, there can be serious ramifications if an insurance claim is executed. Appropriate procedures for the operation of the security hardware must also be implemented, or your security system may be of marginal use in the protection of your most valuable assets. Let us deal with the company installing your security system.


Investigators from A. Dale Wunderlich & Associates, Inc. have been involved in the prosecution of more than 425 individuals in the United States and more than 100 in Australia for theft from mining sites. In excess of 95% of those who were prosecuted were "TRUSTED" company employees. Since most thefts from mine sites are perpetrated by those working at the mine site, good security is necessary to reduce your exposure to losses. Periodic internal audits by Certified Fraud Examiners and Certified Protection Professionals from our company can greatly reduce your exposure to losses through embezzlement and employee theft. If proper controls are implemented, the window of opportunity for theft from your property will be significantly reduced.

Project Management

When you are upgrading your process facility or are constructing a new mining project, it is imperative that you include the design for your security systems and security needs during the planning stages of a facility. Waiting until after the final design has been completed will result in extensive retrofitting that can increase your security costs as much as 25% to 50%. By having your security needs incorporated during the design of the project, you will be assured that proper security will be in place at the time of commissioning.

Security Officer Training

Our security officer training curriculum provides all levels of training for security personnel, as well as site specific training. Our program deals with the unique problems encountered at mining sites. Each training program is tailor-made for your mine site, and will significantly increase the effectiveness of your security personnel. An untrained security officer can be more of a liability to your company than an asset.

Mine, Mill & Refinery Security Specialists

A. Dale Wunderlich & Associates, Inc. is the only security consulting company in the world that specializes in security needs for the mining industry. Our company has provided theft investigations, security audits, security system design, project management and security officer training for mines throughout the world. We have provided security consulting services for mining sites located in North America, South America, Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, the Philippines, Russia and The Commonwealth of Independent States, West Africa, East Africa, South Africa and Europe.

We are experienced in all types of security services for the mining industry and one of our specialties is the project management for security system installations. If you are constructing a new mine site or upgrading your existing site, we are equipped to handle your entire security needs, from design of the system, bid specifications, overseeing the installation of the hardware and training your security personnel.

Our security consultants have been investigating metal thefts and designing security systems at mine sites since 1963. Before the Gold Reserve Act was repealed on January 1, 1975, Mr. Wunderlich investigated gold thefts as a Special Agent in the United States Secret Service and consulted with mining companies on methods to prevent theft. During his tenure in the United States Secret Service, he was also assigned to the Technical Security Division where he designed and oversaw the installation of high security alarm, CCTV and access control systems.

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