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expbul1a.gif (699 bytes)   Security Audits and Security Surveys
expbul1a.gif (699 bytes)    Security Systems Design
expbul1a.gif (699 bytes)    Project Management
expbul1a.gif (699 bytes)    Security Officer Training and Security Department Evaluation

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Security Audits and Security Surveys

A. Dale Wunderlich & Associates, Inc. security consultants have conducted security audits and security surveys in forty-nine states and more than eighty countries. These audits have been in connection with many types of facilities and activities. The purpose of these audits or surveys was to identify the risks and address ways in which the risks can be minimized. Any company conducting business overseas has a duty to their employees to provide them with a reasonably safe environment. Especially since business operations of anyone allied with the United States in its war against terrorism have been named as targets by al-Qaeda and other radical fundamentalist organizations that are allied with the Jihad movement.

Consultants from A. Dale Wunderlich & Associates, Inc. have conducted security audits and surveys a the following types of facilities:

expbul3a.gif (272 bytes)   Government Buildings, such as the White House, U.S. Treasury Building in Washington, DC, Colorado State's Governor's Mansion, Bureau of Printing and Engraving in Washington, DC, U.S. Mint Denver, Colorado and many other facilities.

expbul3a.gif (272 bytes)    Motels, hotels and lodging facilities on six continents

expbul3a.gif (272 bytes)    Apartment complexes and apartment buildings

expbul3a.gif (272 bytes)    Hospitals and health care facilities

expbul3a.gif (272 bytes)    Office buildings, office complexes and high rise

 expbul3a.gif (272 bytes)    Regional and urban shopping malls, strip shopping centers and retail stores

expbul3a.gif (272 bytes)    Ski areas and recreational facilities

expbul3a.gif (272 bytes)    Educational Institutions

expbul3a.gif (272 bytes)    Industrial complexes

expbul3a.gif (272 bytes)    Precious metals and precious gem recovery facilities and mining properties

expbul3a.gif (272 bytes)    Public Utility complexes

expbul3a.gif (272 bytes)    Multi-use buildings

expbul3a.gif (272 bytes)    Banking and financial institutions

expbul3a.gif (272 bytes)    Airline terminals and freight facilities

expbul3a.gif (272 bytes)    Penal Institutions (State Penitentiary & County Jails)

expbul3a.gif (272 bytes)    Restaurants and eating establishments

expbul3a.gif (272 bytes)    Television and Radio stations

expbul3a.gif (272 bytes)    Military installations

expbul3a.gif (272 bytes)    Bars and night clubs

expbul3a.gif (272 bytes)    Private residences

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Security Systems Design

Security Consultants from A. Dale Wunderlich & Associates, Inc. have designed security systems for industrial and private facilities on six continents. This includes the conceptual design and detailed design specifications for bid purposes, the inspection of the site during installation and the final inspection and testing of the system before signing off. Having security professionals design your security system will ensure that you are provided with state-of-the-art equipment and that the design specifications are taken out of the hands of the installer/dealer or persons in your own company that know very little about security systems. The integration of access control, closed circuit television (CCTV) and alarm protection requires intimate knowledge of security hardware and systems design.

While serving in the United States Secret Service Mr. Wunderlich was assigned to the Technical Security Division (TSD) at the White House.  TSD is the protective division within the U. S. Secret Service that is responsible for the design and installation of alarm, access control and CCTV installations at the White House, Presidential and Vice Presidential residences and designated Treasury Department buildings. TSD also handles the technical security needs for any locations throughout the world where the President or Vice president visit.

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Project Management

Consultants from A. Dale Wunderlich & Associates, Inc. have overseen and supervised the installation of security systems on six continents, which places our consultants in a rather unique position.  It enables them to become intimately familiar with the unique problems encountered when designing and installing security systems under the most difficult of conditions. Our consultants have worked on security projects in the deserts of the Middle East, the jungles of Africa and South America and in the arctic reaches of Alaska and Russia .

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Security Officer Training and Security Department Evaluation

Personnel from A. Dale Wunderlich & Associates, Inc. have been involved in training security personnel for many years. We have also been retained by numerous companies to evaluate their guard training curriculum and their overall security program. Mr. Wunderlich was recently retained to conduct a complete evaluation of a 137 person police department.  He has also conducted evaluations of training programs and employee screening procedures for numerous other guard services.

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